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PHP Laravel Developer Amsterdam based Blockchain enthusiast

Mark Beets

Mark Beets

Freelance Back-end developer with a business mindset

A freelance PHP Laravel developer working remotely based in Amsterdam,
the Netherlands.

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A solution for every phase of growth

Whether you want an application for a fixed price or want to build on an existing application. I like to start with an introduction, a video call to get to know each other. More services >

Fixed pricing

Do you want certainty about your expenses?

Then we determine the scope of the project together and get to work. In most cases this is useful for building an MVP (Minimum viable product).

Send me a message and we will schedule an introduction.

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Do you want to be sure that I am available for your project?

We make an appointment from 2 to 4 days a week for a minimum period of 3 months.

Send me a message and we will schedule an introduction.

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* The service is including my own hard- and software. Mac Book Pro, PhpStorm, Terminus, TablePlus and Adobe CC.

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Campaign Application
Admin Panel
Minimum viable product
Data Asset Management
Product landingspage
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